It can be critical for you as a healthcare provider or corporate client to receive laboratory results as soon as they are available. Now you don’t have to be in your office. You can access your patients’ or clients’ laboratory results from anywhere that has Internet access with our free secure eResults service.

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Getting Started is Easy

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The Fastest Way to Get the Results You Need

eResults offers:

  • Speed – access results as soon as they are available
  • Convenience – retrieve results at any time, as often as you like, from anywhere, and any device that has Internet access (see below for details on system requirements)
  • Security – feel confident with safe, secure access
  • Integration – connect eResults to your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform
  • Choice – use the connectivity solution that is right for you, including the more popular web service, HL7 and ACORD interfaces

Dynacare offers two distinct eResults service offerings:

  1. Batch service:  Electronic results are available via the web for loading into your practice’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution. You must have an EMR solution that meets the Dynacare conformance standards to use this service.  If you require further information regarding the Dynacare conformance standards please contact our IT service desk at 866.803.8406 or via xxx.
  2. Online transaction service: View and print results from the Dynacare system via a web browser.

The minimum system requirements for eResults are as follows:

  • Personal computer with a Windows operating system
  • Browser should meet the following requirements:
  • Adobe, FOXIT or any pdf viewer able to handle the latest pdf standards in order to preview or print result reports.